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Lord, I believe in You
Setja í körfu

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Though I can´t see Your Holy Face
And Your throne in Heaven above
It seems so far away
Though I can´t touch
Can´t touch your nail scarred hands
I have a deep unspeakable joy
That makes my faith to stand

Lord, I believe in You
I´ll always believe in You
Though I can´t see You with my eyes
Deep in my heart, Your presence I find
Lord, I believe in you
And I´ll keep my trust in You
Let this whole world say what they may
No one can take this joy away
Lord, I believe

Born from above, You are God´s only chosen one
You´re the one and only true way
Way to the Father´s heart
You died for all sin, then You rose and now live again
Conquering death and the grave
So that I might live

Crystal Lewis